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Seamless Migration from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6

Concerned about the time and complexity of migrating from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6? Put your worries to rest with 2Hats Logic. As a Shopware bronze partner, we specialize in secure, reliable, and hassle-free migrations that adhere to all Shopware standards, ensuring no data breaches or losses.


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Shopware Certified Developer
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    Why Should You Migrate To Shopware 6?

    In addition to Shopware 5 no longer receiving updates after 2024, Shopware 6 represents a complete redesign with new features and enhanced benefits. Developed from scratch, Shopware 6 improves user interface and functionality, offering a more intuitive experience.

    How Shopware 6 Is Better Than Shopware 5


    Shopware 6 adopts an API-first approach, enhancing integration capabilities. Its new Symfony-based kernel ensures superior performance.

    Admin Panel

    Developed from scratch on the Vue.js framework, Shopware 6's admin panel replaces React and Angular, promising improved functionality.


    Equipped with the Webpack asset generator, Shopware 6 is favored by leading brands like AirBnB, Slack, and Adobe for streamlined asset management.

    Distribution Channels

    Shopware 6 offers extensive options for expanding brand exposure through social media and collaborative channels, surpassing the capabilities of Shopware 5.

    Long-term Support

    While Shopware 5 nears the end of its official support, Shopware 6 is actively developed and supported, ensuring ongoing security and updates.

    Faster Integrations

    Shopware 6 integrates more easily with third-party applications and services, extending your store's functionality and capabilities.

    Our Shopware Migration Services

    Magento to Shopware Migration

    Our experts will smoothly transition your data from Magento to Shopware, ensuring improved performance.

    BigCommerce to Shopware Migration

    Our team of experts would provide you with an easy transition from BigCommerce to Shopware and expand the data migration capabilities.

    Shopify to Shopware Migration

    Shopify to Shopware migration would enhance freedom and flexibility to work.

    WooCommerce to Shopware Migration

    Transition seamlessly from WooCommerce to Shopware, with secure data transfer and enhanced platform capabilities.

    Opencart to Shopware Migration

    Utilizing advanced migration tools, our specialists ensure accurate and swift Opencart to Shopware migrations with zero data loss.

    Oxid to Shopware Migration

    Move from Oxid to Shopware seamlessly with our expert team, safeguarding your data and improving your e-commerce experience.

    Shopware Migration Process

    We follow a systematic approach to Shopware migration to ensure a seamless transition, minimal disruptions, and optimal performance for your e-commerce store.

    Preparation Stage

    Planning: Define the data and configurations to migrate.

    Setup: Create the new Shopware environment and install the necessary plugins/extensions.

    Data Migration Stage

    Export: Extract data from the current platform accurately.

    Transformation: Convert and format data to be compatible with Shopware.

    Testing and Adjustment Phase

    Import: Upload transformed data into the new Shopware environment.

    Testing: Thoroughly test the data for accuracy and functionality.

    Adjustments: Make corrections based on testing results.

    Deployment Stage

    Final Review: Ensure all data is correctly migrated.

    Go Live: Launch the new Shopware store after thorough checks.

    Post-Migration Support

    Provide support and monitoring after migration for any issues.

    What can 2Hats Logic do for you?


    Secure Migration

    Experience a secure and reliable Shopware migration process, ensuring zero data loss or functionality issues.


    Fast and Precise

    We execute migrations efficiently, ensuring continuous progress without delays.


    Picture Perfect

    Maintain the design integrity of your Shopware 5 store without compromise.


    Keeps You Updated

    Stay informed with updates on every aspect of your Shopware migration, both minor and major.


    How long will it take to migrate the store to Shopware?

    The migration time to Shopware varies based on data size and store complexity, ranging from weeks for simpler setups to months for larger and more intricate ones.

    Can products, customer information, and orders be migrated to Shopware?

    Yes, it is possible to migrate product data, customer information, and orders during a Shopware migration.

    Does migrating to Shopware affect SEO?

    We assure SEO migration support to ensure your website maintains its search engine ranking during the transition to Shopware, helping you sustain organic traffic to your online store.

    What are the advantages of migrating to Shopware?

    Moving to Shopware unlocks an array of benefits, which include better scalability, greater performance, and the provision of an intuitively manageable interface. Shopware not only has a plethora of plugins and extensions but also has a strong developer ecosystem. These tools allow you to fine-tune and optimize your eCommerce store.

    Is Shopware migration beneficial for small companies?

    Shopware migration is a solution applicable to companies of any size. Its versatility and potential can transform small businesses that tend to be budget-conscious into e-commerce masters. It is a great choice for all businesses to increase flexibility and scalability while still doing it cost-efficiently.

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