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2Hats Logic is your go-to e-commerce development agency for all your e-commerce needs. Our team of dedicated developers delivers tailored solutions to enhance your online business. With a proven track record, we are committed to helping you achieve your e-commerce goals effectively.

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2Hats Logic have been a valuable development resource for our brand communication agency. We have tasked them with several website development projects that they have completed on time and on budget. We highly recommend their website development services to anyone in need of a good partner.

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    Our E-Commerce Development Services

    UX/UI Design Services

    UX/UI Design Services

    Our UI/UX design services make sure that your
    e-commerce platform is appealing and user-friendly to your customers.

    Shopware Development

    Shopware Development

    Through our Shopware development services , we come up with an efficient and complete e-commerce platform applicable to your business.

    Shopify Development

    Shopify Development

    Improve your business’s site with our Shopify development services and expert Shopify developers to make it easy for customers to navigate and order products.

    Magento Development

    Magento Development

    With the potential of Magento development to create an optimized and flexible web store that would increase sales and profits.

    WooCommerce Development

    WooCommerce Development

    Get the best out of WordPress with WooCommerce development that includes a wide range of
    e-commerce features to propel your online business forward.

    WordPress Development

    WordPress Development

    WordPress development services offer you a fast effective professional and attractive website for your brand and the goals of your company.

    PWA Development

    PWA Development

    Optimize online presence by creating a Progressive Web App for fast and appealing user experiences on multiple digital platforms.

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    Technology Stack

    • Frontend Technologies

      React, Angular, Vue.js

    • Backend Technologies

      Node.js, PHP

    • CMS Platforms


    • Mobile Technologies

      React Native

    • Database Management

      MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

    • Cloud Services

      AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

    2Hats Logic as Your E-Commerce Development Agency


    We have acquired expertise over time and multiple successes that have been made possible in all our tasks, enabling us to deliver the best in ecommerce solutions.


    We understand clients' requirements and work towards creating the right services that would fit in best.

    Latest Technologies

    Having seen the new domains emerging within the internet economy and the effective usage of advanced internet technologies, we have built solid, modular online stores.

    Dedicated Support

    Here, we continue to provide technical support, and keep your ecommerce store up to speed.

    Innovative Strategies

    You need to know that ecommerce development services that are all offered to you by our dedicated team are continuously being improved for better results for your website

    Proven Track Record

    Our case studies and testimonials from satisfied clients showcase our commitment to excellence and successful project outcomes.

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    Our E-Commerce Development Process

    Discovery and Planning

    Discovery and Planning

    During this initial phase, we focus on understanding your goals and expectations, meticulously defining the features essential to realizing your vision.

    Design and Prototyping

    Design and Prototyping

    Our expert designers transform ideas into tangible creations and mockups, ensuring every detail reflects your brand's essence.

    Development and Integration

    Development and Integration

    We use new technologies and methodologies to develop robust solutions that integrate with your existing systems.

     Quality Assurance and Testing

    Quality Assurance and Testing

    Our QA team rigorously tests for potential issues, ensuring each project meets our high standards for quality and performance.

    Deployment and Launch

    Deployment and Launch

    With a strategic deployment framework, we launch your project in a secure environment.

    Maintenance and Support

    Maintenance and Support

    The services we offer include constant maintenance, support, and upgrade of your project to maximize its functionality as designed.

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    How long does it take to develop an online store?

    The time for online store development varies based on complexity. A basic store may take a few weeks, while complex ones take months.

    Why would a business need to change its e-commerce platform?

    Businesses switch e-commerce platforms for upgrades, improved features, better security, or scalability to stay competitive.

    How can e-commerce site optimization benefit businesses?

    Optimization site optimization boosts search rankings, traffic, conversion rates, customer retention, and overall revenue.

    How to optimize online store design for better conversion rates?

    Optimize for conversion by using clear call-to-action buttons, persuasive product descriptions, customer reviews, trust signals, and an easy checkout process in your design.

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