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Founded in 2014, 2Hats Logic Solutions is the brainchild of two technology enthusiasts who, after honing their skills in Europe and Canada, returned to India to establish a premier web and e-commerce agency. Our leadership's rich global experience allows us to effortlessly navigate and collaborate across various cultures, giving us a distinctive edge on the international stage. We are dedicated to providing exceptional design (UI/UX) and development solutions tailored for web and e-commerce applications.

At 2Hats Logic Solutions, our mission is to simplify technology for our clients. We choose the most suitable and cost-effective technologies to solve business challenges without overwhelming our clients with technical jargon.

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What Makes Us the Right Choice

At 2Hats Logic, we're not just another business; we're a community dedicated to excellence and integrity. Here's why you should choose to work with us:



We maintain open and honest communication, ensuring you're informed at every stage of the project.



Our team adheres to the highest standards, delivering quality results with a commitment to excellence.



We foster a welcoming and supportive environment, making collaboration enjoyable and stress-free.


Ethical Practices

We uphold integrity and fairness in all our dealings, building trust and long-term relationships with our clients.

Let's Discuss Your Queries

Have you ever tried outsourcing and felt disappointed? Outsourcing challenges often arise from issues like poor communication skills, cultural barriers, and inefficient processes. That’s where we can help. At 2Hats Logic Solutions, we have a strong background in cross-cultural communication and extensive experience working with clients in Europe and North America. We aim to bridge the gap and ensure smooth collaboration, delivering the results you need.

How can I effectively work, if there's a language barrier?

At 2Hats Logic Solutions, we tackle this issue with our strong English-speaking skills and cultural insight from our experience in Europe and North America. We mentor our developers to prioritize effective communication, ensuring clarity and alignment with your needs. In addition to emails and chat, we encourage Skype video calls. We've completed projects with non-English speaking clients, using effective written communication and translation tools to ensure clarity and mutual understanding.

They are not available when I need them to be. How can we solve this problem?

We understand the importance of availability. To address this, we specify our working hours upfront and make adjustments to support you in your time zone during the initial stages. We ensure at least 4 hours of overlap with your working hours every day for consistent communication. We respond to your queries promptly, minimizing delays. Additionally, we plan our projects to be completed 1 to 2 days before the actual delivery date to ensure everything is on schedule.

Their skills and code quality are low.

We focus on maintaining high standards in web technologies by following established code quality guidelines and conducting thorough code reviews. Our team is accustomed to using version control systems, which allows you to review the code at any time to ensure it meets your expectations.

If we need more resources, would the agency be able to help us out?

Yes, we collaborate with reliable partners to extend our capabilities and support larger development requests beyond our immediate resources.

How do I know if they are working on my projects and not just billing? How do I get project updates?

To ensure you're always informed about progress, we provide daily status updates from our developers or project managers at the end of each day. Tasks are meticulously divided into sub-tasks with upfront estimations, and we use internal time tracking and reporting tools to provide detailed insights into time consumption and progress. Monthly, you receive a comprehensive report summarizing project activities and milestones achieved. We follow Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) methodologies, granting you access to a development site where we regularly deploy changes for your review and feedback. Additionally, we commit code to a Git repository regularly, offering you transparency to track development iterations and review changes as needed.

We are a small business and not very technical. Can your agency help to develop our website?

Absolutely, at 2Hats Logic Solutions, we adapt our communication style to fit your technical expertise. We avoid using complex technical language to ensure that our message is accessible to everyone. Our process begins with thorough discussions to understand your project needs. We provide tailored suggestions and recommendations based on the latest trends and technologies, focusing on aligning with your business objectives.

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We're all about fostering a positive and vibrant workplace culture. Our team thrives on a dynamic mix of challenging projects and fun activities, sparking creativity and collaboration. Join our passionate community that values innovation, dedication, and a shared vision for success.


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