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2Hats Logic Solutions was founded in 2014 as a web agency by two technology enthusiasts who decided to come back to India after living and working in Europe and Canada for a few years. We are incorporated as 2Hats Logic Solutions Private Limited in 2018 stepping up from a partnership firm. The agency is focused on providing high-end solutions for complex web and mobile applications.

We also use popular open-source software like WordPress, Magento, Shopware, and Drupal according to the customer’s preference.

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Why Us ?

Have you ever tried outsourcing and failed or not satisfied? Mostly this happens due to problems like poor communication skills of the developers, cultural barriers, bad process etc. That’s where we come in. We are experts in cross cultural communication with extensive experience in working with European and North American clients

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    Communication barrier – They don’t speak my language very well, how can I work with them?

    This is a very relevant question. We solve this issue with our excellent English speaking skills and understanding of your culture with the exposure of living and working in European and North American countries. We mentor our developers to understand the key points they need to keep in mind as well. We don’t just communicate with you via emails/chat but we encourage making skype video calls which also help to see who we are working with on the other end and make a good relationship. We consider each project as an opportunity to build a friendly co-operation. This also helps us share our culture with someone from another part of the world.

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    They are not available when I need them to be, how can we solve this problem?

    We specify the hours we will be available for development and in the initial stages when you need our support on your timezone, we will make ourselves available for support. We always make ourselves available at least 4 hours everyday on your working hours so that we can maintain daily communication. We reply to all your queries with very little time delay. Also we plan projects in a way that everything is done 1-2 days before the actual delivery date.

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    Their skills and code quality are low.

    We have good experience in web technologies and we work strictly based on code quality guidelines and code reviews. We are also used to working with version control systems. You can review the code anytime. We have worked with clients who are uncompromising in coding standards.

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    I don’t want to commit to a long term contract, can I pay on a per hour basis?

    We remain flexible and an hourly payment or a short term contract is possible.

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    If we need more resources, would the agency be able to help us out?

    Yes, we work with reliable suppliers so that we can support any development requests if it’s bigger than our resources could handle.

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    How do I know if they are working on my projects and not just billing? How do I get project updates?

    Each project will be uploaded to a sub-domain in our website like yourpoject.2hatslogic.com and daily updates will be uploaded there so that you can see the progress. Also we will be maintaining a time tracker so that you can see which issues/tasks the developer has been working on.

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    We are a small business and we are not technical. Will your agency be able to help me develop my website?

    Yes, as explained in our process, we discuss with you about the project and come up with suggestions and recommendations about latest trends and technologies. It’s not only about technical side, but we try to understand about your business and try to build the solution accordingly. We understand what a non-technical customer wants to know and more importantly what they don’t want to know.


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