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2Hats Logic empowers businesses with consultation on ERP implementation, customized ERP software and CRM system solutions which optimizes operations for efficiency and growth. A consultative approach ensures every aspect of your operations achieves operational excellence and builds stronger customer relationships.

Adam Mcwethy

2Hats Logic have been a valuable development resource for our brand communication agency. We have tasked them with several website development projects that they have completed on time and on budget. We highly recommend their website development services to anyone in need of a good partner.

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    ERP and CRM Solutions
    for Your Industry

    We understand that ERP and CRM solutions must be tailored to specific industries. That's why we deliver customized solutions that meet unique needs. Our expert team collaborates with you to identify requirements and develop comprehensive solutions, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and growth. Whether you need advanced CRM software or a robust ERP system, we have the solution.

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    The Services We Provide

    Consulting & Implementation

    Consulting & Implementation

    Our expert team specializes in ERP implementation and consulting services, working closely with your business to seamlessly implement ERP and CRM solutions tailored to your needs.

    Integration Services

    Integration Services

    We specialize in ERP and CRM integration, ensuring seamless communication and data flow. Our solutions optimize operations for sustainable business growth.

    Data Migration Services

    Data Migration Services

    Our professionals securely migrate your data to new ERP and CRM systems. Our expertise minimizes disruption while preserving data integrity.

    Support and Maintenance

    Support and Maintenance

    Our dedicated support team is committed to providing ongoing assistance and maintenance for your ERP and CRM systems.

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    Business Advancements with ERP and CRM Services

    Whether you need seamless integration, custom solutions, or expert consulting, we're here to drive efficiency and growth for your enterprise. Partner with us to elevate your ERP and CRM capabilities to the next level.

    How do businesses benefit from ERP and CRM services?

    • Centralised Management Approach
    • Make Informed Decisions
    • Efficient Customer Relationship
    • Adapt to Emerging Technologies
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    Why Choose 2Hats Logic as Your ERP & CRM Service Provider?

    Customer Support

    We prioritize customer satisfaction by offering round-the-clock support, ensuring that clients receive timely assistance and resolution to their queries.

    Expertise and Experience

    With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have a team of professionals who have expertise in ERP and CRM solutions.

    Timely Delivery

    We ensure that projects are delivered on time. We make sure deadlines are met consistently, minimizing disruptions to business operations.

    Transparent Communication

    We maintain transparent communication channels with clients throughout the implementation process, keeping them informed about project progress.

    Customized Solutions for Every Client

    We understand that every business is unique, with its own set of challenges and requirements. As such, we offer personalized service and solutions, taking the time to understand each client's specific needs and goals.

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    Branding Agency
    2Hats Logic have been a valuable development resource for our brand communication agency. We have tasked them with several website development projects that they have completed on time and on budget. We highly recommend their website development services to anyone in need of a good partner.
    Adam McWethy
    Web Development
    I have been working with 2Hats Logic for several years, and they have worked on many of my client website projects, providing backend development in PHP and frontend development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I trust their expertise and have always found them to be extremely helpful and friendly. They are happy to give advice, and communication is always good.
    Claire Lobel
    LiquidMoon, UK
    brotbox Online Shop
    Initially, we were skeptical about working with developers abroad due to communication and quality concerns. However, after a couple of months, 2Hats Logic Solutions proved to be affordable, reliable, and efficient. Using our project management tool, we manage projects, tasks, and timelines. Our responsive and friendly contact has ensured the successful completion of many projects since our collaboration began in November 2023.
    Mustafa Demirtas
    Ecobrotbox, Germany
    yatchfocus logo Yachtbrocking platform
    The team has good understanding of the business case and also benefits from their experience with working in Europe. Very prompt reply to questions and good communication.
    Jan-Pieter Oosting
    YACHtfocus, Netherlands
    treestones Ecommerce Agency
    Working with 2Hats has been a game-changer for our business. Their speed and precision are unparalleled, consistently delivering high-quality work ahead of schedule. This efficiency has allowed us to complete projects faster and with greater confidence.
    Jason Witter
    Treestones, USA


    What is the difference between ERP and CRM software?

    ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software focuses on managing core business processes such as finance, HR, procurement, and inventory management. While, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is designed to manage customer interactions, sales activities, marketing campaigns, and customer support.

    Can small businesses use ERP systems?

    Yes, ERP systems offer several benefits for small businesses, including, increased efficiency, improved data visibility, scalability for growth, enhanced customer service and reduced costs

    How does CRM benefit business?

    CRM is beneficial to businesses in many ways, like better customer relationships, helping to increase sales, and enhancing the overall productivity of the team.

    Is CRM software customizable for businesses?

    Yes, it is possible to customize CRM software to meet the needs of different businesses.

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