Why we recommend Shopware

Better UX of admin panel

Shopware gives a better user experience for the shop owners who use the admin panel. It can open multiple drag-able windows inside the admin for each menu and can be minimized and worked on at the same time.

Modern responsive base theme

Shopware comes with a pretty modern responsive base theme out of the box. This makes it easy and quicker for developers to build a new theme based on the base theme. This reduces the cost especially for start-ups.

More Customer focused

Shopware has features that’s more B2C based, for example the Storytelling feature. These really help the webshops communicate a compelling story to the customers to believe in their products (delivering the so-called emotional shopping experience).

Flexibility of customization

Shopware is quite a flexible system for customization even when it uses modern technology. It has open-source APIs which helps to integrate to basically any systems.

We Are an Official Shopware Partner

As one of the first Shopware development outsourcing agencies in India, 2hats Logic is a certified development company and more importantly, an official Integration partner of Shopware. As a specialist in e-commerce development, our expertise lies in developing custom themes, building plugins/apps, and migrations on Shopware. Our developers have years of experience and are working with Shopware for more than 5 years now.

We Are an Official Shopware Partner

Shopware Theme Development & Customization

We understand that each of our clients is different from the others, so our developers are able to create custom themes on Shopware according to your preferences and tastes. As a result, your online platform will have its own individuality that reflects your vision. We have inhouse web designers who can create outstanding user friendly designs.

Shopware Theme Development & Customization

Shopware Migration

Simple, secure, reliable and hassle-free Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 migration. We adhere to all Shopware migration standards and make sure there is no data loss. It also guarantees that the migration process will retain all Shopware 5 features and design. We also undertake migration from Magento and other e-commerce platforms to Shopware 6.

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Shopware plugin development

We will take care of all your plugin development and installation requirements.
Whether to install any existing plugin from the plugin store or to develop a custom plugin per your requirement for the store, we have got you covered.

Shopware plugin development

Shopware POS System

Our services also cover custom POS System development, where our experienced and skilled developers can create a unique and at the same time flexible Shopware point-of-sale system which helps to increase the customer experience of your online shopware store.

Shopware POS System

Shopware Mobile commerce

As Mobile commerce becomes more popular, it is essential to ensure your online store will have a mobile application or a website that is compatible and user-friendly in mobile phones as well. Our services guarantee a simplified yet one-of-a-kind mobile App development that will make you stand out from your competitors.

Shopware PIM Integration

Product Information Management is imperative for any modern retail shop. A Product Information Manager or PIM is used to manage the complex and large data collected from variable sources. It helps in data consistency and increases the overall efficiency of the product management process. 2hats Logic being a top shopware development agency offers end-to-end PIM development services helping clients achieve their goals.

Shopware PIM Integration
Shopware 6 Admin manager mobile app

Shopware 6 Admin manager

Mobile App

Shopware 6 is a leading headless ecommerce platform developed in Germany. 2Hats Logic is the integration partners and plugin manufacturers for Shopware. From our vast experience in ecomerce, we have been developing multiple plugins solving different problems in ecommerce.

Altum Wi-Fi Insights

Altum Wi-Fi Insights

Custom Web Application

With Altum Wi-Fi Insights, users can get detailed information on Wi-Fi usage, specifications on connected devices and even device movement patterns within the organization’s physical space. Altum Wi-Fi Insights provides a friendly web-based user interface from which you can access Wi-Fi statistics of your network, for any day the application has been running. Even more, users can export any data report in PDF or configure it to send to email.



Custom Development

VOX AI Productions is a Finnish company specialized in providing high quality speech data in different languages collected from native speaking sources. Their customers are giant corporations who are in need of speech data for the game changing, futuristic innovations.

Why select 2Hats Logic as your shopware development partner

2Hats Logic has years of experience with eCommerce development with its founders building custom webshops and full-featured shopping cart systems. When the good quality open-source systems entered the market, the need for custom development was obsolete and we began using the open-source software like Magento and Shopware. The following are the benefits you get working with 2Hats Logic as your offshore Shopware development partner. We are more than just a technology partner.

  • 12+ Years of experience working in the eCommerce domain and Outsourcing
  • Experience working with high-end brands and clients
  • Knowledge of online marketing for webshops
  • Technology expertise and strong development team
  • Outstanding UX design capabilities for increasing conversion
  • Code reviews, adherence to best practices and delivery quality
  • Expertise in cross-cultural working and communication
  • Inputs for increasing the sales/marketing ideas
  • Building PWA for Shopware is not new to us.

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Yes, Shopware's B2B suite combined with its extensive range of Shopware extensions, makes it an excellent choice for businesses looking to create streamlined B2B eCommerce.

Yes, Shopware offers features such as SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and regular security updates.

Shopware 6 offers a more modern, streamlined interface and provides new features and flexibility that can help drive more sales and improve the overall user experience.

Yes, Shopware offers a wide range of customization options, including themes, plugins, and integrations.

Yes, Shopware provides a range of migration tools and services to migrate your e-commerce store to Shopware. We can help you to migrate to Shopware from a various e-commerce platforms like
- Magento to Shopware
- Shopify to Shopware
- WooCommerce to Shopware
- WordPress to Shopware

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