Why we recommend Shopware

Better UX of admin panel

Better UX of admin panel

Shopware gives a better user experience for the shop owners who use the admin panel. It can open multiple drag-able windows inside the admin for each menu and can be minimized and worked on at the same time.

This is very convenient. It is a lot more intuitive for the less tech-savvy shop owners than most of its competitors.

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Modern responsive base theme

Modern responsive base theme

Shopware comes with a pretty modern responsive base theme out of the box. This makes it easy and quicker for developers to build a new theme based on the base theme. This reduces the cost especially for start-ups.

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More Customer focused

More Customer focused

Shopware has features that’s more B2C based, for example the Storytelling feature. These really help the webshops communicate a compelling story to the customers to believe in their products (delivering the so-called emotional shopping experience).

If your focus is more on the B2C sales, then Shopware would be the best option.

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Flexibility of customization

Flexibility of customization

Shopware is quite a flexible system for customization even when it uses modern technology. It has open-source APIs which helps to integrate to basically any systems.

Shopware is very developer friendly and this makes the maintenance and development costs low.

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Official Shopware Partner

As one of the first Shopware development outsourcing agencies in India, 2hats Logic is a certified development company and more importantly an official partner of Shopware. Specialising in e-commerce development, our expertise lies in developing custom themes and building modules on Shopware. Thus you can ensure to provide the best customer experience when they visit your online store.

Should you migrate to Shopware 6?

Shopware Theme Customization

We understand each of our clients is different from the others, hence our developers are equipped to build custom themes on Shopware as per your likes and tastes, and as a result, your online platform will have its own individuality that will reflect your vision of the store.

Contrary to popular belief

Shopware Migration

Easy, secure, reliable, and hassle-free migration from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6. We adhere to all Shopware migration standards and ensure there will not be any occurrences of data loss. You are also guaranteed the migration process will retain all functionality and design present in Shopware 5

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We received the project request through a contact in the middle-east. They wanted to design and develop the ecommerce application and Magento was chosen as the preferred opensource application. The end client was based in UK and was an established Oak furniture manufacturer. Usually we work directly with customers but this time there was another agency in the middle.

YachtFocus Boten App

YachtFocus Boten App

Mobile App

Yachtfocus started off as publishers and evolved as providers of IT platforms for yachtbrokers and enthusiasts. We have working relationship dating back to many years with Yachtfocus. Yachtfocus approched us with a requirement to build mobile application for their business. The mobile app would work as a platform to display boats/yachts and is used by individuals, yachtbrokers or agencies. Users can browse through new and used boats and save items as favourites to view later.




Lawgap is a service based in the UK for managing family legal issues like Divorce, Injenction and children matters. It lets you do a lot of paper work online with a complex backend that processes all information and keeps the cases updated.

Why select 2Hats Logic as your shopware development partner

2Hats Logic has years of experience with eCommerce development with its founders building custom webshops and full-featured shopping cart systems. When the good quality open-source systems entered the market, the need for custom development was obsolete and we began using the open-source software like Magento and Shopware. The following are the benefits you get working with 2Hats Logic as your offshore Shopware development partner. We are more than just a technology partner.

  • 12+ Years of experience working in the eCommerce domain and Outsourcing
  • Experience working with high-end brands and clients
  • Knowledge of online marketing for webshops
  • Technology expertise and strong development team
  • Outstanding UX design capabilities for increasing conversion
  • Code reviews, adherence to best practices and delivery quality
  • Expertise in cross-cultural working and communication
  • Inputs for increasing the sales/marketing ideas
  • Building PWA for Shopware is not new to us.

Interested in availing affordable high-quality Shopware development service?

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