Top Shopware 6 Themes for 2024

Top Shopware 6 Themes for 2024

In the competitive world of E-commerce, every detail matters. While product quality and competitive prices are crucial, there’s an often overlooked hero that plays a critical role in your online store’s success: your theme. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s the foundation upon which you’ll build your brand identity, user experience, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Shopware is an open-source e-commerce platform known for its flexibility and scalability, providing businesses with a robust foundation for online retail. Shopware 6 themes make online stores look good and work smoothly. They decide how the store appears and feels, from colours to layout.

A good theme makes it easy for shoppers to find and buy stuff. In this blog, let’s take a deep dive into the creation of shopware themes, the best Shopware 6 themes available and the relevance of themes in ecommerce websites.

What is a Shopware Theme?

A Shopware theme is an extension that allows you to customize your online store’s visual appearance and behaviour. It works by modifying the Storefront’s SCSS/CSS, twig templates, and JavaScript.You can also provide JavaScript with your theme to change how the Storefront behaves in the browser. The default theme in Shopware is built on top of Bootstrap 5, style-wise. So everything you can do with Bootstrap, you can do with the Shopware Storefront as well.

Another handy capability is the theme configuration: As a theme developer you can define variables configured by the shop owner in the Administration. Those variables are accessible in your theme and let you implement powerful features. A theme can be an app/plugin that aims to change the visual appearance of the Storefront.

How to Setup a theme on Shopware 6?

Step 1: Choose a name for your plugin theme

First, you need to find a technical name for your theme, so it needs to describe your theme appearance as short as possible, written in UpperCamelCase.

Step 2: Create the plugin theme using the console

Open your terminal and run the following command to create a new theme

bin/console theme:create SwagBasicExampleTheme

Step 3: Install and activate the plugin theme

Run the following command to install and activate your theme:

bin/console plugin:install –activate SwagBasicExampleTheme

Step 5: Assign the theme to a sales channel

Run the following command to change the current storefront theme:

bin/console theme:change

Follow the interactive prompt:

Select your desired sales channel (usually “Storefront”).

Select your plugin theme (“SwagBasicExampleTheme”).

Step 6: Start customizing your theme

Your theme is now fully installed and ready for customization! You can modify the theme files to create your unique look and feel.

Differences Between Shopware Plugins/Apps and Themes


Theme: Changes the visual appearance of the storefront.

Plugin/App: May or may not change the appearance.


Theme: Very little PHP code, focused on appearance (html, js and css).

Plugin/App: Often has PHP code, adds new features and changes behaviour.


Theme: Activated and assigned to specific sales channels in the theme manager.

Plugin/App: Activated globally and affects the entire Shopware installation.


Theme: Can inherit from other themes and override default configurations.

Plugin/App: Does not inherit from other plugins/apps.


Theme: Implements the Shopware\Storefront\Framework\ThemeInterface.

Plugin/App: Does not implement the Shopware\Storefront\Framework\ThemeInterface.


Theme: Focuses on the visual presentation of the storefront.

Plugin/App: Enhances the functionality and behaviour of the shop.


Directory structure of a theme

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shopware 6 Theme Development

Responsiveness and Mobile Optimization

A responsive theme is crucial for a positive user experience, ensuring your online store looks and works well on all devices. Mobile optimisation is key for increasing conversions, as it caters to the growing number of users shopping on smartphones and tablets.

SEO Compatibility

The theme you choose significantly impacts your store’s SEO ranking. Opt for an SEO-friendly theme to improve visibility on search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find your products and services.


Customizing your store’s theme is essential for brand consistency. Look for themes with features like drag-and-drop page builders and customizable settings, allowing you to tailor the appearance of your online store to match your brand identity.

User Experience (UX) Focus

The design of your theme directly influences the user experience. Opt for a theme with a clean and intuitive design to enhance navigation and make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for.

Integration Capabilities

Choose a theme with robust integration capabilities to connect seamlessly with other tools and platforms. Discuss popular integrations for Shopware 6, ensuring your online store can leverage additional functionalities.

Regular Updates and Support

Selecting a theme with a history of regular updates and reliable support is crucial. A well-maintained theme ensures compatibility with the latest software versions and assists when issues arise. Check the theme’s documentation and support resources before making a choice.

Conversion-Oriented Features

Explore features designed to boost conversions, such as product recommendations and wishlist functionality. Choosing a theme with these features can encourage visitors to become customers, increasing overall conversion rates on your online store.

Top Shopware 6 Themes for 2024

ThemeWare Modern

ThemeWare Modern is a responsive Shopware theme designed for online shops of all sizes. It is known for its clean, modern design, and ease of use. The theme is fully customisable and includes a wide range of features that can be used to create a unique and professional online store.


  • ThemeWare Modern is available for a one-time fee of €199.
  • A pro version is also available for €299.

ThemeWare Modern Pro

ThemeWare Modern Pro is an extension of the ThemeWare Modern theme. It includes all of the features of the ThemeWare Modern theme, as well as some additional features.


ThemeWare Modern Pro is available for a one-time fee of €299.

Horizon Pro

Horizon Pro is a premium Shopware theme designed for large online shops. It is known for its sleek and modern design and its powerful features. The theme is fully customisable and includes a wide range of features that can be used to create a unique and professional online store.


Horizon Pro is available for a one-time fee of €399.

Gravity Pro

Gravity Pro is a premium Shopware theme designed for online shops that sell physical goods. It is known for its clean and modern design, and its focus on product presentation. The theme is fully customisable and includes a wide range of features that can be used to create a unique and professional online store.


Gravity Pro is available for a one-time fee of €399.

Free Liberty Responsive Theme 

The Free Liberty Responsive Theme is a popular option for Shopware 6 users seeking a clean and modern design. It’s fully responsive and customizable, making it suitable for a variety of online shops.

The Free Liberty Responsive Theme is completely free to download and use.


In conclusion, the significance of a well-crafted Shopware theme is paramount in the realm of e-commerce. A visually appealing and intuitively navigable theme enhances the aesthetic appeal of an online store, fostering positive user experiences and customer satisfaction. In the competitive landscape, the right theme is a strategic choice that captures and retains the audience’s attention, contributing to a distinct and memorable brand image.

Shopware’s theme flexibility allows businesses to customize their online presence, aligning with unique brand identities and preferences. The availability of customization services further enhances this adaptability, ensuring online stores stand out amidst the competition. 
Investing in the best Shopware theme is an investment in overall success, impacting user engagement and, ultimately, the business’s bottom line. Shopware themes emerge as indispensable tools, shaping the digital storefront and defining the customer journey. If you encounter any difficulties or require assistance, Shopware theme development services are available, and we invite you to reach out for helpful support.


Choose a name, create with bin/console theme:create YourTheme, install and activate with bin/console plugin:install --activate YourTheme, and assign to a sales channel using bin/console theme:change.

Themes change appearance (HTML, JS, CSS) and are sales channel-specific. Plugins/apps often have PHP code, affect the entire Shopware installation, and add features.

Consider responsiveness, SEO compatibility, customizability, user experience, integration capabilities, updates/support, and conversion-oriented features for success

Yes, choose a name, create with bin/console theme:create YourTheme, install and activate with bin/console plugin:install --activate YourTheme, and customize by modifying theme files.

Yes, the Free Liberty Responsive Theme is a popular, free, and fully responsive option for various online shops. Download and use it at no cost.

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