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At 2Hats Logic, we know your projects deserve the right talent. We hire only the top 1% of experienced developers who help bring your ideas to life. Whether you're a startup launching a new product, or an SME building an ERP, or a tech company that needs to scale up, we have the people to support your vision.

Riley Anne

I was very impressed with the developers I hired from 2Hats Logic. They were not only highly skilled in their technical abilities, but also communicated clearly and effectively throughout the project. Their responsiveness and willingness to explain complex concepts made the entire development process smooth and efficient

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Aneesh Sreedharan
CEO, 2Hats Logic Solutions


    Hire Senior Developers Specialized in Leading Technologies

    We help Startups and Enterprises by providing IT talents who are ready for onboarding and can drive organizational growth.

    Magento Developer

    Magento Developer

    Future-proof your business. Our Magento developers create robust and scalable online stores.

    Shopify Developer

    Shopify Developer

    Simplify your online sales. Build user-friendly Shopify stores that are easy to manage and grow.

    WordPress Developer

    WordPress Developer

    Content & Commerce combined. Extend WordPress with powerful e-commerce plugins to create engaging online stores.

    Want to scale up? We can help!

    Why Hire Developers from 2Hats Logic?

    Team Support, Not Just One Developer

    Reduce dependency on a single developer by accessing an entire team. This ensures continuity and collective problem-solving.

    Robust Infrastructure for Productivity

    We provide a top-notch infrastructure and devices to enhance productivity, ensuring your developers have everything they need to excel from day one.

    Continuous Training and Development

    Our developers undergo continuous training and development, keeping them updated with the latest technologies and methodologies.

    Flexible Additional Services

    Need project managers or quality assurance services? We offer scalable solutions to meet your specific project needs.

    Seamless Cultural Alignment

    We ensure our developers align with your company’s culture and values, fostering a harmonious working relationship.

    Only Senior Developers

    The developers you can hire from us are mostly senior developers with extensive experience. They are ready to tackle your most challenging projects.


    How We Guide You to Hire a Developer

    Understanding Your Project Needs

    We start by discussing the specifics of your project, including the technology, timeframes, and costs.

    Consultation and Planning

    We hold a consultation meeting to identify your project objectives, address questions, and plan the most appropriate course of action.

    Developer Matching & Interview

    Based on your requirements we identify the suitable candidates from our team. You can review their profiles and interview them yourself to make sure they are qualified.

    Proposal and Agreement

    We provide a detailed project plan outlining objectives, activities, timelines, and cost estimates. Once you approve it, we formalize the agreement and initiate the project.

    Development and Ongoing Support

    Our developers integrate into your team to handle development, updates, testing, and deployment, providing continuous support.

    Our Hiring & Onboarding process

    Initial Screening

    Initial Screening

    Our HR team screens potential candidates for communication quality, energy, and enthusiasm. Only suitable candidates move on to the next step.

    Coding test

    Coding test

    Candidates who pass the initial screening take a coding test to demonstrate their coding skills before qualifying for an interview.

    Technical Interview

    Technical Interview

    Next, candidates undergo a detailed interview that covers their test code, analytical, logical skills, and technical knowledge.

    HR & Culture Fit Interview

    HR & Culture Fit Interview

    We place equal importance on technical skills and cultural fit. We assess the candidate's attitude in all phases to ensure they align with our organization's values.

    Cultural and Communication training

    Cultural and Communication training

    Our management, with extensive experience living in Western countries, passes on valuable insights in various sessions. We set guidelines for effective communication and its practice.

    Technical Training.

    Technical Training.

    Regardless of experience level, new hires receive technical training to ensure they have the necessary skills to work with our clients.

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    Where can I find a developer for my project?

    You can find a developer for your project through our platform. We provide developers with a range of skills and expertise to match your project's needs. Whether you need a software developer, web developer, or DevOps specialist, we have a network of qualified professionals ready to help.

    What about hiring a web developer?

    We provide web developer hiring services tailored to your needs. Specify your required skills, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or specific frameworks, and we'll connect you with skilled web developers. Our network includes experienced professionals who are ready to tackle your web development projects.

    Where can I find PHP developers for a project?

    You can find PHP developers for your project with us. We have in-house PHP developers proficient in various frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, etc.

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