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We provide Laravel development outsourcing services for enterprises and startups with our high quality Senior Laravel Developers.

We are a professional Laravel Development Agency that offer customized solutions to meet your requirements. We also provide Laravel Developers to work dedicatedly on your projects. Laravel is the most preferred and modern PHP framework following the MVC architecture. We suggest Laravel for all our enterprise customers and startups for its rapid development nature, ease of code maintenance and scalability. We follow Test-Driven-Development (TDD) with best practices starting from implementation of SOLID principles. You can also Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers from us for your projects. We have been working extensively with Laravel from 2015 and has gained a good position with the knowledge level and expertise. The developers employed are highly skilled and experienced – all passing through a strict hiring procedure and of course those who fit in cuturally. They can provide simple solutions for highly complicated problems.

Laravel Development Outsourcing

Why 2Hats Logic as your
Outsourcing partner for Laravel

4 level hiring process for selecting only the best.

There are four rounds in our recruitment process - Analytical test, Technical Interview, Coding test and HR interview.

Internal training to stay up-to-date.

We provide regular internal training to all our developers to enhance their knowledge and quality.

Flexible contracts

Monthly full time, Monthly part time, hourly… you can choose your contract as per your requirement and budget.

Internal QA team and Project Managers with no extra charge.

Our Services include Experienced Quality Analysts at no additional cost. This eliminates the need for an initial testing from your side, thus saving your time.

Culture training for Developers to work with Western customers.

This is a very important aspect most companies miss. A proper culture awareness help developers communicate better and understand customer needs better. We train our developers by giving them awareness of the western culture and lifestyle.

Coding guidelines and standards strictly followed.

We give major importance to the code quality and hence we have strict guidelines and checkpoints our developers have to follow.

Our Services in Laravel Development

Hire Laravel developers for easy and seamless Laravel Development solutions like web application development and integration services that include the following.

Google Calendar API integration

Google calendar is one of the many popular google apps used by millions for easy appointment scheduling and marking dates and events. Our services offer easy Google calendar API integration with Laravel.

Rapid Development for building MVPs for Startups

Laravel comes with in-built tools that makes rapid development possible. It is one of the best options for creating MVPs because of this quicker development turn around times.

Enterprise Application Development

Laravel is equally suited for development of Enterprise level applications as it is for Startups. Laravel is secure, scalable and has many packages available that can help integrate different technologies that makes an app run efficiently.

Mobile API Development made easy

Laravel is suitable to develop APIs and makes it popular to be used as the backend for Mobile Applications. Laravel has different admin themes available which will help set up a dashboard much faster.

Custom Web Applications

We develop tailor-made software for the specific requirements of your business. Be it a billing software or an e-commerce application – we got it covered with Laravel.

What services do we offer in Laravel

Our contract models

Fixed Price Model

Starting from $1000

We take up complete project on a fixed price and does everything with planning, allocation and use of developers internally. As we prefer to work more Agile way, we do not recommend this model to our clients.

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Monthly contracts

Starting from $2700

You can hire developers on monthly contracts for a fixed price for 160 hours of work. We only allocate developers with 4+ years of experience on such contracts.

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Part-time contracts

Starting from $1000

You can fix a daily number of hours to match your requirements. The costing will be based on the number of daily hours.

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Hourly contracts

Starting from $19/hour

You can use a developer for any number of hours as and when you have requirement. We generally have enough developers to make someone available for you even for the quick turn arounds.

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Why Laravel?

Laravel is one of the most used frameworks within the PHP ecosystem. It is a robust yet easy to understand open source PHP framework that follows a model-view controller design. There are many reasons to choose Laravel for your enterprise web/application development. Some of the major ones being the following:

Easy integration with Vue.js

Easy integration with Vue.js

User experience and user friendliness is of utmost importance in any modern web application. That's why it is recommended to use modern JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js for the frontend. Laravel offers easy integration with Vue.js making it a perfect choice for applications that require outstanding UX.

Test-Driven Development (TDD) made easy

Test-Driven Development (TDD) made easy

TDD has become basic for the applications we develop. It helps the developer to really think what the code is going to do and also reduces time spent on rework. It gives fast feedbacks and easy debugging.

Eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping)

Eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping)

Querying the SQL database is made simpler in Laravel with Eloquent ORM. It is a built-in feature of Laravel for better database security and easier SQL query management. It keeps the code clean and reduces the risk of writing direct queries.

In-built Security

In-built Security

Security is one of the major challenges faced by every web solution. With some of the toughest security solutions built-in Laravel is definitely the best choice for secure web applications. Laravel Authentication System, Password Hashing, SQL injections, Protection against xxs etc are some of the Security features of Laravel that you can take advantage of.

Easy Database Migration

Easy Database Migration

As technologies and businesses evolve, database migrations become essential and Laravel’s superior support for easy data migrations make it desirable for data-centric applications.

Ever Evolving

Ever Evolving

Laravel lets you build small and large applications quite fast. The framework is frequently updated with the latest technologies for better performance and rapid development.

SSO Integration

SSO Integration

You will no longer need countless usernames and passwords to have access to multiple applications, by implementing SSO in Laravel. Single Sign On or SSO is an user Authentication tool you can use to easily log in to multiple applications with a single set of credentials.

Shopware 6 Admin manager mobile app

Shopware 6 Admin manager

Mobile App

Shopware 6 is a leading headless ecommerce platform developed in Germany. 2Hats Logic is the integration partners and plugin manufacturers for Shopware. From our vast experience in ecomerce, we have been developing multiple plugins solving different problems in ecommerce.

Altum Wi-Fi Insights

Altum Wi-Fi Insights

Custom Web Application

With Altum Wi-Fi Insights, users can get detailed information on Wi-Fi usage, specifications on connected devices and even device movement patterns within the organization’s physical space. Altum Wi-Fi Insights provides a friendly web-based user interface from which you can access Wi-Fi statistics of your network, for any day the application has been running. Even more, users can export any data report in PDF or configure it to send to email.



Custom Development

VOX AI Productions is a Finnish company specialized in providing high quality speech data in different languages collected from native speaking sources. Their customers are giant corporations who are in need of speech data for the game changing, futuristic innovations.

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Laravel is a popular PHP framework for web development that provides a clean and elegant syntax while offering a wide range of features to build robust and scalable web applications.
The key features of Laravel include a powerful routing system, MVC architecture, database migrations and seeding, ORM (Object-Relational Mapping), caching, session management, authentication, and authorization.
Choosing the right Laravel development company for your project requires careful evaluation and consideration of various factors. Here are some steps to help you make an informed decision:
Define your project requirements:
Evaluate expertise and experience:
Check client reviews and testimonials:
Check Technical proficiency in:
  • Custom Laravel Web Development
  • Laravel Extension Development
  • Laravel Migration and Update services
  • Laravel E-commerce
  • API development
By following these steps, you can effectively evaluate and select a Laravel development company that meets your project requirements and can deliver a successful.
Laravel can be installed using Composer, a dependency management tool for PHP. Simply run the Composer command composer global require laravel/installer to install the Laravel installer globally on your system. Then you can create new Laravel projects using the laravel new command.
Laravel applications can be deployed to various hosting platforms or cloud services. You can use tools like Laravel Forge, Envoyer, or deploy directly to platforms like Heroku, AWS, or DigitalOcean.
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