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Shopware 6.5 – Major updates and New features

The extremely popular and user-friendly e-commerce application served its users with its best yet version – Shopware 6, which was merely not an updated version but built from scratch with majorly improved features and functionality, now Shopware has yet again brought forward a new update with better features and advantages with the release of Shopware 6.5!

If you are here to learn more about the latest update that is Shopware 6.5 then you are already aware of what shopware is, but just to recap and refresh our minds, let’s first take a dive into what Shopware is and the major advantages of using Shopware for your online store.



What is Shopware?

Shopware is A PHP-based e-commerce application that lets you create an online platform for your store or shop with ease along with providing all necessary and beneficial features, plugins, and other advantages.

Shopware is completely customizable and is equipped with useful, user-friendly features and tools. Shopware 6 is powered by Symfony and Vue.js

Shopware is the favorite of many online shop owners primarily for its extreme ease of use that doesn’t require any prior web design or programming knowledge.

The software is known for its excellent quality and its ability to meet strict designs and standards, other advantages include;

  • SEO Optimization
  • Easy Third-party integration
  • Customizable
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to manage

What are the major changes in Shopware 6.5?

It was pretty common knowledge that Shopware 6 was built from the ground up with cutting-edge feature enhancements, so to say everyone is excited about the latest update will be an understatement. So let us take a look at the major updates, changes, and newer features & benefits of Shopware 6.5. 

This will give you better reasoning for you to take the leap and take in Shopware development services 

First off Shopware 6.5 comes with major technical improvements which include the following:

  • Greatly enhanced Performance: Shopware 6.5 boasts extreme performance improvements with 5 times faster performance and 4.5 times faster median response time across all pages.
  • 200% faster administrations: This might seem to be a bit of an exaggeration but you read it right, with a 600% reduced file size, Shopware 6.5 it claims this has greatly benefited from a much better and faster administration. 
  • Lazy Loading: Contents such as images and videos will be uploaded only when absolutely necessary, thus reducing upload time and size for better efficient performance.

Other major and general updates include:

  • Integration of Open Search (ElasticSearch still supported)
  • The Symfony update brings additional features and a new message queue
  • New updater for better compatibility between plugin-system-based apps
  • Dependencies cleanup
  • Optimized design
  • Update to Bootstrap 5
  • Removed jQuery

Now to take a deeper dive into the latest features and functions let us discuss the same in more detail.


Display your Delivery Limitations

If you do not deliver to certain locations or countries you can add in the detail of “Not deliverable” or “Delivery not possible” next to the options of locations the customer has to choose once they are signing up or registering to your online store. This helps for better customer satisfaction and use as they will be informed from the start if delivery is possible to their location or not and not at the last minute when they are actually placing an order.


Customized address formats

Different countries around the world have different address formats including their postal codes. In the latest version of Shopware, you can choose between default validation or an advanced validation that you can customize. The functionalities are:

You can Customize address formats where you can add fields or separators and easily move them via drag and drop, with this you can define your desired address layout for different countries and locations. This layout will appear to both you and your customers as well wherever addresses are displayed and queried.


Rule Builder

With the Rule Builder function, you can create rules customized to the conditions you have set up. The latest version has come up with an advanced functionality that lets you know if any new rule you are setting can be applied or not depending on the previous rules and conditions you have set, thus ensuring time-saving and a better understanding of rule creation.


Improved Order Management

Shopware 6.5 comes with new “Topics” or categories for better order management enabling you to easily create and manage your orders. The “Different Topics” is part of the revised module that helps to find what you are looking for much faster.

Another added feature is the preview option of new orders you create before saving them thus giving you a chance to double-check and avoid mistakes.


Simplifying Tax regulations

By opting for external tax services, you will need not worry about the complex tax systems that are prevalent in different countries. External tax services like TaxJar, Vertex, or Sovos will simplify the tax process for you. To make it even easier to connect and calculate taxes while using these tools, Shopware has now introduced a new interface for tax providers where at checkout, Shopware will automatically connect with the active external tax service, letting you see the final shopping cart value, based on valid tax calculations.

To sum it up Shopware 6.5 is a much better version of its predecessor making it the wise choice to migrate to Shopware for a better online platform for your products and services.

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