What's New in Shopware 6: The Must-Have Updates for 2024

What’s New in Shopware 6: The Must-Have Updates for 2024

The most popular e-commerce platform Shopware had released its latest version which in itself was a platform built from scratch giving its loyal users better features and functionality. Shopware has now released the latest update on Shopware 6 – Shopware

Enhanced functions, improved usability and newer features for Rule Builder are a few things you can find in the new version, along with it the major highlight to actively know about is the Ai Copilot introduced exclusively for commercial versions.

Here you can find all you need to know about the latest updates and more on what the Ai Copilot is.

What is so great about Shopware 6?

The German-based e-commerce platform is highly popular and the favorite of many shop owners when it comes to creating and maintaining online versions of their shops.

The Shopware development services can be used to create your e-commerce stores, where you can easily integrate your business-related processes and transactions and even your website content.

Being easy to learn, implement and seamless integrations with third parties factor to why Shopware is in high demand. Shopware 6 the latest of its versions is not just an updated version, but developed independently powered by Vue js and Symfony, this version is known to be amazingly customizable and automatically responsive.

Shopware never fails to satisfy its users, which is why we can now see their latest version that holds some major performance enhancers along with newer features and functions, all meant to make our online stores better than before to give your customers a better shopping experience.

What are the new updates in Shopware

Now let us learn more about the exciting new features in the latest update, that promises better performance and higher user experience.

General Updates

The following are the general feature updates you can find on Shopware 6

Image Slider

This improvement is brought forward after gaining much demand from the community voting. In the previous version, you were able to create pages in your Shopware store and incorporate required images for a better user experience under Shopware’s Shopping Experiences. The latest update has improved on the slider functionality where rearranging the sequence of images is now much easier, you just need to drag and drop the same to your desired location.

Shopware Rule Builder

The Rule Builder is a feature that lets you customize rules and terms according to your business use cases and specific requirements which include, content management, shipping policies, payment rules, etc. With over 50 conditions you can choose to define rules to your specifications. Now with the latest update, you can find some new conditions that have been introduced in Rule Builder, them being:

  • You can now verify if an order

Has a tracking code.

Was manually created.

Has a specific status, such as payment or shipping status.

Has a value for a custom field.

  • You can now examine the new conditions of a shopping cart if

Reaches a specific threshold for shipping costs.

  • You can check if a customer

Has a specific default payment method.

Has submitted a specific number of reviews.

You will also have the flexibility to select different units of measurement when creating rules.

US English as the default language

You can now run your online store in the language that suits you best! If that language happens to be American English you can now select the same as your default language during installation or you can even change it later in the Administration Settings.

Better page performance

To make sure both you and your customers get the best shopping experience, the update has introduced “Lazy loading”, which ensures that content such as images and videos is loaded only when required, lazy loading is also activated in the storefront by default.

Enhanced Admin

To ensure a smooth operation of your daily tasks, Shopware administration is also given better usability improvements, which include:

  • In the product listing, you can now use filters to sort orders and products by the number of sales and current sales figures, allowing you to quickly access your top-selling products.
  • Finding promotions is now much easier and faster, you just need to enter the promotion code in the search field.
  • In the order overview,you can find a hint that denotes comment has been added to the order

Developer Updates

The following are the changes and updates most relevant for developers:

  • Fixed icon cache in no script tag
  • Improve administration logout with multiple tabs
  • Improved assets: install performance with external storage
  • Improved compatibility with Google Cloud storage adapter
  • Fixed sorting/filtering on createdAt and release date with Elasticsearch/Opensearch
  • App Scripts now have access to the current Shopware version
  • New webhook media. uploaded to react to new media file uploads

What is Shopware Ai Copilot?

Now onto the major highlight of Shopware’s latest update – Shopware Ai Copilot.

Meant for all commercial plans (Shopware rise and higher) the Ai Copilot can be used in almost every area in Shopware. For instance: It enables you to summarise product reviews, generate customized CSV exports, and create keywords and properties with minimum effort. 

This highly resourceful feature defines a truly enjoyable experience in ecommerce.

If you choose to embrace the power of the AI Copilot you can definitely take your business to newer and better heights.

Here are some of the AI features:

  • AI Copilot | Content for Shopping Experiences
  • AI Copilot | Export assistant
  • AI Copilot | Customer classification
  • AI Copilot | Image keyword assistant
  • AI Copilot | Product review summary
  • AI Copilot | Custom checkout message
  • AI Copilot | Product properties
  • AI Copilot | Translation for reviews

You need to second guess it anymore, migrating to Shopware is the right and perfect answer for your online store!


Shopware 6 has been released in several versions since its initial release in 2021. This release includes a number of new features and improvements, including:

A new Flow Builder that allows you to create and automate business processes without any code.
A new Tag Manager that allows you to add and manage tags to your website content.
A new Advanced Search that allows you to search for products and content more easily.
A number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

There are a number of benefits to upgrading to the latest release of Shopware 6, including:

Access to the latest features and improvements.
Improved security and performance.
Compatibility with the latest versions of other software.
The ability to take advantage of new marketing and sales opportunities.

To upgrade to the latest release of Shopware 6, you can follow these steps:

Download the latest release of Shopware 6 from the Shopware website.
Install the new release on your server.
Restore your Shopware 6 database.
Update your extensions.
Test your website to make sure it is working properly.

There are a few challenges that you may encounter when upgrading to the latest release of Shopware 6, including:

Compatibility issues with older extensions.
Data loss or corruption.
Website downtime during the upgrade process.
It is important to carefully plan your upgrade and to test your website thoroughly after the upgrade to avoid any problems.

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