What makes AngularJS better?

What makes AngularJS better?

Being fast, reliable, developer friendly and robust are just a few points in its list of benefits. It is advised to take full advantage of AngularJS’s unique features and robustness for front end and even single page development. The unlimited extensibility of AngularJS is a significant benefit. It can change or replace any feature, resulting in readable and expressive environments tailored to your own development workflows.Angular development is well structured and dynamic, allowing developers to write clean and flexible code and an Angular JS Development Service company like 2hats Logic Solutions brings out the best of this experience.


Faster Development

This framework is highly efficient and is capable of providing faster yet good quality results and thus helps to reduce the time to market.

Reusable Coding

The code intended and created for a particular web development can be reused to develop any other applications of any platform using AngularJS.

Extensive Tools

AngularJS uses declarative templates to build functionality quickly. Language templates can be extended with your own components. As a result, it is possible for a large number of components to be used.

Two-way Data Binding

AngularJS includes simple two-way data binding, allowing developers to make coding changes effortlessly and thus save time. These changes will be readily apparent on the app’s interface.

2Hats Logic offers the best AngularJS development services


AngularJS Mobile App development

We help to develop and create user-friendly mobile applications that stand out from your competitions, using the best and cost efficient features of AngularJS. We ensure to take into consideration what both our clients and their customer base require for better user-experience.


AngularJS Web development

Using AngularJS frameworks, our expert web developers guarantee your website coincides with your vision. We visualise your thoughts by utilising cutting-edge technologies and techniques taking into advantage of all unique features offered by AngularJS


Front end design and development

Using HTML scripts, we create dynamic and user-friendly websites. We provide AngularJS development services to help you redesign your website and expand your online presence.


AngularJS Migration

Our technical leaders assist clients with the seamless and hassle-free migration and porting of existing web applications from one platform to another. We ensure a smooth transition to the AngularJS framework in the minimum amount of time.


Widget development

We help to develop and build custom widgets and plugins, thereby resulting in better enhanced functionality for your final mobile and web applications.


AngularJS API Development

We strive to incorporate and understand all business requirements of our clients and create customised goal-oriented APIs. We assist clients in developing high-performing and scalable APIs using our industry-proven in-house knowledge.

How AngularJS Benefits your software development

If you are looking for a means of faster web and mobile development but cannot compromise on your user experience and customer satisfaction, then you really do not need any more reasons to consider and take up AngularJS for your development requirements.

But to put your mind at ease here a few benefits you can take advantage of:

  • Enhanced User experience:
    The efficiency of AngularJS, paired with our clean code, makes it easy for our clients to get an experience that users will enjoy using, resulting in re-visits and a recurring customer base.
  • Easy Maintenance:
    AngularJS modularizes development, making maintenance and upgrades easier and more efficient.
  • End-to end software testing:
    To understand the codes, AngularJS includes an end-to-end unit testing architecture that makes checking for faults and testing apps easier and more efficient all resulting in saving time and money.
  • Large Community:
    AngularJS provides comprehensive libraries and a large developer community, making development easier.
Shopware 6 Admin manager mobile app

Shopware 6 Admin manager

Mobile App

Shopware 6 is a leading headless ecommerce platform developed in Germany. 2Hats Logic is the integration partners and plugin manufacturers for Shopware. From our vast experience in ecomerce, we have been developing multiple plugins solving different problems in ecommerce.

Altum Wi-Fi Insights

Altum Wi-Fi Insights

Custom Web Application

With Altum Wi-Fi Insights, users can get detailed information on Wi-Fi usage, specifications on connected devices and even device movement patterns within the organization’s physical space. Altum Wi-Fi Insights provides a friendly web-based user interface from which you can access Wi-Fi statistics of your network, for any day the application has been running. Even more, users can export any data report in PDF or configure it to send to email.



Custom Development

VOX AI Productions is a Finnish company specialized in providing high quality speech data in different languages collected from native speaking sources. Their customers are giant corporations who are in need of speech data for the game changing, futuristic innovations.

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