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React Native Development

An open source and JavaScript framework, React Native helps create mobile applications having native features such as location, push notifications, etc. But these mobile applications have cross-platform applicability whether iOS, Android or Windows and are designed with the help of single codebase. It is a highly valued service because it offers amazing user experience, efficiency, and code clarity.

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    Most Attractive Feature of React Native Technology

    React native was launched with the aim of making every easier and faster for the developers and one feature of react native technology that has helped to do just that is hot reloading. Due to this feature, your app will keep running while injecting new additions to the file saved and you can even review those additions.So in real time, you can view the changes being made to your react native app due to hot reloading. Only that file which is tweaked gets refreshed and the app state remains the same, unlike in live reloading where the entire application gets refreshed when you change any file whatsoever.

    Why React Native

    • App development time has been considerably reduced
    • The modular and inbuilt architecture of Apps visually appeal to all
    • The simple structure ensures fewer complexities yet more transparencies
    • UI and UX components of React Native Apps are comparatively rich
    • Speed and efficiency of such Apps are remarkably appealing
    • React Native Apps are open source as well
    • It is easier to debug react native apps.
    • These can be integrated easily with other third-party applications.

    Why 2Hats Logic to Get Your React Native App Developed?

    Once you get in touch with us, it is assured that you won’t have to think twice to hire our react native developer to design your robust and creative mobile App. Here is a list of factors which will definitely convince you why to hire us. We distinguish with our services and are always there for you.

    Highly skilled team of developers

    Whether you are an established business corporation or a new startup, our team of highly skilled and proficient App developers has the App solutions for all of you. We have learned the art of leveraging the technology of React Native to the best of our abilities.

    User-centric work approach

    All App based strategies and design plans are prepared in accordance with the specific needs and requirements of a particular ‘user’. We believe that we are not just designing the Apps but also delivering memorable experiences to the users.

    Timely delivery of projects

    Valuing the time of our customers is precious and a high priority for us. Keeping that in mind, our team ensures making a strict schedule for each project and sticking to that.

    No compromise on the quality

    In order to earn trust and build long-lasting relations with our clients, it is crucial for us to deliver quality services to them.

    Cross-cultural communication is our niche

    We prioritize that commitments made to our clients do belong to different cultural backgrounds. Keeping that factor into consideration, we encourage emailing and chatting besides Skype calls to build the lasting interpersonal relations with each of our clients.

    Get regular updates on your project

    We create unique portal and time tracker for our clients to view their project status like the work under progress, App issues being dealt in by a developer and et al. Indeed, our clients are kept up-to-date about what is going on.

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