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Is Migrating from Shopware 5 to 6 mandatory?

The simple answer is no, but there’s a crucial question you need to consider. Do you want to expand your store and attract more customers, and are you looking to keep your current customers happy?

Shopware 5 will eventually reach its end of life (EOL) in July 2024. This means that the developers will stop providing updates, security patches, and support. There are several implications to consider if you decide not to upgrade to Shopware 6:

  • Security Risks: Once Shopware 5 reaches EOL, it will no longer receive security updates. This can leave your online store vulnerable to new security threats, potentially putting your data and that of your customers at risk. Here is an example of a cyber attack that was caused by not adding security patches to the software in a timely manner. In 2021, JBS, the world’s largest meat producer, was hacked by REvil ransomware. The attack forced JBS to shut down operations in the United States, Australia, and Canada. The company paid an $11 million ransom to the hackers.
  • Compatibility Issues: Over time, you might find that new plugins, themes, or integrations are not compatible with Shopware 5. This can limit the functionality of your store and its ability to integrate with other systems. For instance, if your payment gateway provider (eg. Stripe) update their APIs, this could result in payment failures.
  • GDPR Compliance Risks: For businesses that are subject to regulatory requirements, especially in terms of data protection (like GDPR in Europe), running software that is no longer supported could lead to compliance issues. This can have legal and financial repercussions.
  • Outdated Technology: As technology evolves, older versions of like Shopware 5 will start facing several issues. For example, over time, the performance of Shopware 5 may not match the efficiency of newer software. This can result in slower loading times, reduced responsiveness, and a generally less smooth operation, which can be detrimental to user experience.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Shopware 6 is designed with a focus on the user experience, offering a more intuitive and engaging interface. This improvement in the shopping experience can significantly increase customer satisfaction, as customers appreciate easy navigation, quick loading times, and a seamless checkout process. Also, mobile responsiveness on Shopware 5 may have issues as browsers get updated.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Shopware is planning on releasing several AI related features. One such feature that is available already is AI generated content for product description. Shopware would for sure, add many such relevant features in the future. You would be missing out on such features if you’re not upgrading.
  • Cost of Maintenance: Keeping outdated software running can get more expensive over time. With fewer users and less support for the older version, it becomes harder and pricier to find the know-how and fixes for any problems. In summary, while upgrading might cost you initially, sticking with the older version could end up being costlier in the long run.
  • Technical Support: As the focus shifts to newer versions, finding experts who are willing or able to provide support for older versions becomes more challenging. This means that if you encounter a problem, it might take longer to get help. You might have to rely more on external vendors or consultants who specialise in legacy systems to solve your system related issues. However, their services can be more expensive and might not be readily available. If an issue arises that needs expert intervention, the lack of readily available support could lead to longer downtimes.
  • Distraction from core activities: Because of the lack of technical support, businesses might find themselves having to deal more independently with troubleshooting and problem-solving, which requires internal resources and can divert attention from core business activities.

In conclusion, Migrating to Shopware 6 presents a strategic advantage for businesses looking to stay competitive and secure in the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape. Coming back to the question in the introduction, are you planning to stay on top of your business, attract new customers and increase revenue? If the answer is yes, you should consider switching to a more flexible and modern platform like Shopware 6. 

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