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We are a web development and outsourcing agency based in Kochi, India.

We are one of the early adopters of Laravel and we have a good team of Laravel Developers in our agency. Our code quality and coding standards are far ahead from what you would expect for an outsourcing agency. Our CTO is very particular about each line of code, class names, function lengths and even the spacing used in comment lines. We set the standards high and all new hires go thrugh a period of intense training even though they have passed through a set of strict coding tests and interviews. We also train developers with Vue.js so they are also comfortable in creating applications with cool user experiences.

We understand your need for reliable Laravel developers and we have done the work of finding the right talent, hiring them and training them so you can hire dedicated Laravel Developers who are production ready to be added to your team. We provide developers to work remotely or onsite in your office within 15-20 days of hire.

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Hire Laravel Developers from India!

Get the best developers experienced in Laravel to build your web applications catering to all your specifications. We make sure our Laravel developers deliver on SEO-optimization, security, support and maintenance and much more. Our certified and experienced developers from India go through a strict screening process before being enrolled after which they go through a fully detailed training on code policies and ethics, thus our guarantee on best results and out of the box products is something you can rely on.

Why hire Laravel Developers from 2Hats Logic?

Why hire Laravel Developers from 2Hats Logic?

We hire top talents

The key for a great company is to find the top talents who are also culture-fits. We do approximately 50-60 interviews to hire one person. That means we hire the top 2%. There is a 4 level hiring process which includes interviews and coding tests.

Culture and communication training

The success of outsourcing and remote work depends on the quality of communication. It should be efficient, clear and concise. A good communication also require a low culture barrier. We understand it better than anyone and give cultural trainings and communication trainings with practical examples and scenarios.

Technical Trainings

We always encourage our people to learn new technologies and also improve their skills and abilities. We have trainings every month where a topic or new technology will be covered with practical sessions. We also subscribe to tutorials like Laracast and follow close to what happens in the industry.

Inhouse, free QA and Code reviews

We have a QA team that makes sure the development goes without issues and their services are of no extra cost. Our technical manager also does code reviews every now and then and help developers with any issues they may face.

Excellent service quality – Self-Managing team

We make sure the service quality is best from a technical perspective and also the way we communicate and interact. We remain flexible and we are also a self-managing team who require no micro-management.

Outstanding code quality

With our code reviews and continuous effort to improve code, the standards are set high. It’s not just the basics but the code quality goes to next levels and we follow SOLID principles. We do Test-Driven Development (TDD) and encourage our clients to use it.

Looking for remote Laravel developers? Let us help with some genuine information.

Looking for remote Laravel developers? Let us help with some genuine information.

How to choose an outsourcing partner

The best way to choose a partner is to read through the reviews or personally contact the existing customers and getting their views on working with them. If 2 of them have good opinion and have done years of business together – that’s a good sign. Always choose an agency who has a management that has worked in the West and are aware of the culture.

How to hire your developer

You should interview the developer, if not technically – then on a personal level via a call to see him and to get acquainted. If you have a technical team get the code reviewed. Make sure the agency you work with is being genuine regarding these processes.

Don’t under-estimate communication and culture barriers

The success of outsourcing and working with developers offshore depends a lot on communication and overcoming the cultural barriers. The better the cultural awareness of the developer – the better the communication.

Be empathetic

Understand that you are working with a different culture and people from totally different backgrounds – financially and socially. This require a lot of empathy to understand how the other side would be feeling. For example – the Dutch directness and open jokes may be offensive to Indians who is not well aware of it.

If you have a technical team – ask for code samples.

Yes, you can more or less understand the quality by looking into the code one writes. If it comes close to 70-80% of your expectation - the rest, you can train the team. You don’t have to say a no because its not 100% as your expectation.

And do not plan 100% efficiency all the time – there could be situations when the efficiency is a little lower than working in the same office. But then you get access to a great talent pool and also get financial benefits.

Get Top Talented Laravel Developers from India for all your needs

Get Top Talented Laravel Developers from India for all your needs

E-commerce development

Our Laravel developers in India provide eCommerce solutions based on Laravel technology and high-quality UI design to help businesses realize the benefits of visitor navigation.

Highly Customized Web apps

Our Laravel developers employ their knowledge in building unique designs to bring built-in functionality to web apps that provide a high-quality user experience along with adhering to all your specific requirements and details.

Support and Maintenance

Our developers from India will give all support and real-time updates you need during the development phase, and you will also get all required maintenance support even after the development phase.

Third Party Integration

Hire Laravel developers in India who can link web apps with third-party APIs to provide customization features.

Laravel CRM Applications

Our Laravel developers create highly functioning and feature-rich Laravel CRM apps for your company to effectively manage your clients.

We help develop Dynamic Web & Mobile applications

We help develop Dynamic Web & Mobile applications

We give you highly experienced Laravel Developers from India to work on your convenient timings and requirements. If you are looking for amazing talent that can help to create and build fully functioning Web and Mobile applications then our Laravel developers are the perfect choice for you. Hire them for full-time, part-time or even hourly. We work on what works for you.

Hire the Best Laravel Developers with Simplified Steps

Hiring Process

Our Hiring & Onboarding process

  • image
    1 Step 1

    Initial Screening

    This is when the HR team have their initial screening on potential candidates. They check for communication quality, energy, and enthusiasm. Only candidates who seem suitable are sent over to the next step.

  • image
    2 Step 2

    Coding test

    Candidates who passes the initial screening goes through a coding test first, because we believe they need to write good code to be able to qualify before an interview.

  • image
    3 Step 3

    Technical interview

    This is a detailed interview covering the discussions on the code of the test, analytical and logical skills, technical knowledge and so on. The interview typically goes to around 1 hour for a promising candidate.

  • image
    4 Step 4

    HR & Culture Fit Interview

    We give this as much importance as for the technical skills. The attitude of the candidate is noted in all phase of the contact and this last round of discussion focus mainly on the check if the person is a culture fit to the organization.

  • image
    5 Step 5

    Cultural and Communication training

    Most of the issues that comes with outsourcing is from bad communication and a big part of it is caused by cultural barriers. The management has good experience living in the western countries and it gets passed on to the new hires in various sessions. Guidelines are set for communication and its practiced.

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    6 Step 6

    Technical training.

    Along with the cultural and communication training, technical training is also given to the new hires, nomatter what experience level they come from. This help us make sure everyone in the team has the knowledge that is required to work with our clients.


How can you hire a developer through us?

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    1 Step 1

    Discussion on the requirements

    If you already know what level of experience and what developer you need, you can directly let us know and we will let you know the options and the rates. We can also suggest you what level of developer would be suitable for you.

  • image
    2 Step 2

    Developer selection

    We will provide you the profile of the developer and an opportunity to interview the developer. Most of the time we encourage you to do a pilot task/project with this developer to understand his skills. This helps you in making a hiring decision.

  • image
    3 Step 3


    Once you have made the hiring decision, we can enter into an agreement. Typically the min contract duration is 2 months with one month notice period. We are ready to sign an NDA and also get it signed by the developer and its a seamless process to start working with a developer. You can manage them directly as your extended team mate.

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    4 Step 4

    Review meetings

    We not only just provide you the developer but keep checking the quality by regular review meetings every 2 weeks. Here we try to give suggestions for improvement of the collaboration and finetune it better to suit your needs.


Hiring Laravel developers from India offers cost-effective solutions with a large pool of skilled professionals experienced in Laravel and other related technologies.

Look for proficiency in PHP programming, strong knowledge of Laravel framework, expertise in frontend technologies, version control systems, and database management.

Pricing models can vary, including hourly rates, fixed-price contracts, or dedicated resource hiring, depending on project requirements and budget constraints.

Review portfolios, conduct technical interviews or coding tests, and check references from previous clients to evaluate their expertise, problem-solving abilities, and work quality.

Hiring Laravel developers remotely from India offers access to a vast talent pool, competitive rates, and the flexibility to collaborate across different time zones for efficient project completion.

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