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We believe that a good process is the key to success of any project especially IT projects. We have a well refined and defined process that we have generated with our knowledge and experience acquired from working in great companies and with great clients.

Our process at all steps, especially initial and final steps involves a lot of communication with the customer making sure we don’t miss anything. Processes are different for project based and dedicated resource based models.

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Process of project based working model

We believe that a good process is the key to success of any project especially IT projects.



We start with collecting maximum information about your business. This will help us come up with more suggestions since we may have already worked for a similar businesses. We write down your business model as well as your requirements for the project.



Based on the information we collected, we create a wireframe for the project and also depending on the complexity of the project we create html prototypes that shows the basic working. This can help us make sure we both have the same understanding of the project and we are good to go.



In this phase we do the user interface design for the project with our experienced designers. Usability and purpose of the project is taken into consideration and we progress through this step accordingly. Once the design is approved by the customer we start developing the project.



Once the development is complete, there are two levels of checking. First our team runs a test through the websites based on a checklists document. This covers all basic quality guidelines and confirms that the site is resistant to SQL injection, spamming, improper validations and improper content entry.



A beta version of the website is delivered to the customer either on our domain or on customer’s domain based on the preference. We expect to get more comments, issues and change requests from our clients at this phase within a reasonable testing time according to the size of the project.



The final version of the website is moved to the actual domain and all basic SEO stuff are also carried out along with this. Each step is planned with adequate time and also considering the urgency of the project. If the design is already ready then we take it from the 3rd step with programming the website.

Process of dedicated programmer working model

We believe that a good process is the key to success of any project, especially IT projects.

Discussions with the clients
Discussions with the clients

In this stage we discuss things like the clients business, projects, expected working hours, experience of the developer, costs, length of the contract etc. Based on this we select the appropriate developer profile and sends it over to the client.

Client interview and hiring
Client interview and hiring

Clients can interview the candidates and once they think that they found a suitable candidate with us we take it to the next step of making a contract for a particular term. This can be flexible according to the client's requirements.

Cultural/communication training
Cultural/communication training

Even though the candidate is experienced we conduct a short internal training to make them understand and overcome cultural and communication barriers while working offshore with a western customer. 2Hats Logic management uses their cultural exposure to facilitate this.

Daily Communication and weekly reviews
Daily Communication and weekly reviews

The developer will be registering the hours worked on each task for the customer and we will be reviewing it on a daily basis. Weekly meetings will be held with customers to make sure that things are going smooth and that there aren’t any issues in our co-operation.


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