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Optimising Web Performance: A Guide to Responsive Images with HTML srcset and sizes

Optimising Web Performance: A Guide to Responsive Images with HTML srcset and sizes

In the world of online shopping, how your store looks matters. It affects how much people like using it and how likely they are to buy things. One important part of making your store look great is handling pictures and small versions of them, called thumbnails.  Shopware 6, a popular online store platform, makes this easy with something called the `sw_thumbnails` Twig function. This guide will ...

Discover the Ultimate CSS Trick: How to Stack Floating Divs with Varying Heights Seamlessly and Eliminate White Space?

This is a common requirement with modern design trends to be able to stack up divs in a nice masonry fashion even if they have different heights. See the image below. Here we will show how to do it easily with just CSS. The divs with dynamic content have different heights and they create white space below them and take the height of the highest div in the row. We will remove this space and stack them as shown in the image. See the below HTML and the CSS. HTML <div class="floating-div-wrap"> <div class="floating-container"> <div class=...

How to Style a Custom Select Box using CSS and Javascript

Yesterday we were working on a wordpress website, we installed a gravity form on our contact page and there was a select box has been fixed on that form. We have gone through the design and everything looks good, but the select boxes' arrows weren't matching with our website in its default style. We thought of a solution to fix this issue for sometime and at last we found that changing the select boxes custom design from default style is a solution for this. While implementing, we can see that this method works well with all modern browsers. Please find below code which helps you to resolve these type of issues. CSS .custom-select select { width: 480px; border: 1px solid #31A9C7; color: #999; ...

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